Sand Stainless Steel Casting Mold Foundary

Sand Stainless Steel Casting Mold Foundary
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Sand stainless steel casting mold foundary

The company is specialized in the production and casting of large castings, such as casting, bed, column, beam, slide and other large castings. It adopts EPC process, resin sand casting, solid casting, high grade casting. Casting material: HT200-350 can undertake a single piece of about 60 tons of castings, non-standard products can be customized according to customer drawings. 

The characteristics of using resin sand casting

1, resin sand rigidity is good, pouring early sand strength is high, which is the condition of the use of cast iron solidification process of graphitization expansion, effectively eliminate the shrinkage \ shrinkage defects, to achieve gray cast iron, ductile iron pieces of less riser, no risk Casting.

2, the real type of casting production using polystyrene foam appearance, the application of furan resin from the hard sand molding.When the molten metal poured into the mold, the foam looks like a high temperature metal liquid under the rapid gasification, combustion and disappear, metal Liquid to replace the original position occupied by the foam, cooling and solidification into the shape of the same shape with the casting.

3, relatively speaking, Lost Foam Casting for the production of single or small batch of automotive panels, machine bed and other large mold than the traditional sand has a great advantage, it not only eliminates the cost of expensive wood, and easy to operate , Shorten the production cycle, improve the production efficiency, with high dimensional accuracy, processing margin is small, good quality and other advantages of the surface.



Ø Strict contract auditing invloved all departments to assure the feasibility of each order.

Ø Process design and validation before bulk production.

Ø Strictly control on all raw and auxiliary materials, All raw materials reach the world advanced level.

Ø On-site inspection to all processes, inspection record keep traceable for 3 years.

Ø All inspectors are skilled with international certificates.

Ø Qualified WPS and professional welders guarantee welding quality.

Ø 100% inspection of finished sprouts before shipment.

Ø Advanced and complete testing and inspection equipment: NDT, metal Microscope, impact tester, hardness tester...

Ø Regular training for inspection staff



Ø We provide free technical service about casting parts and application issues.

Ø Free on-site touring and introduction of our factory

Ø We provide process design and validation for free

Ø We can guarantee on-time delivery of samples and goods

Ø Close follow-up of all orders by special person and keep customers informed timely

Ø All after-sale request will be responded in 24 hours



1. What kinds of material you can produce?

A:The dominant material we cast is stainless steel, duplex stainless steel, carbon steel, ductile cast iron, aluminum, copper, bronze, brass and alloy metal etc. etc.  


2. What is your main casting process?

A:Our casting technologies include sand casing, investment casting, bonded sand casting etc.


3. What is the delivery time of pattern, casting parts and machining finished parts?

A:In general, pattern making time is 20-40 days base on the design of the parts, sample making time is 20-30 days, machining finished parts lead time is 40-60 days. The lead time will vary base one different design and weight of the parts, please contact us for details.


4. What kinds of physical and chemical testing you can provide?

 A: The physical and chemical testing we provide include:

Ø chemical composition testing

Ø physical property testing:hardness test,Tensile performance testing, room temperature impact testing, low temperature impact test


Ø Metallographic testing