Bronze Casting Alloy

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Bronze Casting Alloy introduction

The main role of the pump cover is sealed, fastened. Therefore, the pump cover must have good scalability and better alignment.The working surface of the pump cover is mainly the right end face, hole positioning and mating problems.The feasibility of the pump cover processing technology related to the quality of the pump cover and production costs.


The bonnet is equipped with a stem seal valve part that is used to connect or support the actuator. The bonnet and the valve body can be either integral or separate. Gate valve is mainly the role of packing.The upper bonnet is threaded or bolted to the actuator, which, like the valve body, also withstands the effects of medium pressure, temperature and corrosion.


The valve body is a major part of the valve and has different mechanical manufacturing methods depending on the pressure level. Valve body is the valve part of the valve spool, the main role of the air valve and the water valve is used in the valve inside to block water or air flow.Common materials are: cast iron, cast steel, stainless steel, carbon steel, plastic, copper and so on.