Alloy Ductile Cast Iron Nickel Alloy Castings

Alloy Ductile Cast Iron Nickel Alloy Castings
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Alloy ductile cast iron introduction

Ductile iron is a kind of high-strength cast iron material developed in the 1950s. Its comprehensive performance is close to steel. It is precisely because of its excellent performance, and has been successfully used for casting some of the complex force, strength, toughness, wear-resistant parts demanding.Ductile iron has rapidly developed as second only to gray cast iron, a very wide range of cast iron materials.Ductile iron is obtained by spheroidization and inoculation of spherical graphite, effectively improving the mechanical properties of cast iron, in particular, to improve the plasticity and toughness, resulting in higher than the strength of carbon steel.


Nodular cast iron is commonly used in the production of parts requiring high strength, toughness, wearing resistance and other demanding parts such as crankshafts, camshafts for automobiles, tractors and internal combustion engines, as well as medium-pressure valves for general machinery.



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●  Free on-site touring and introduction of our factory

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1. What kinds of material you can produce?

The dominant material we cast is stainless steel, duplex stainless steel, carbon steel, ductile cast iron, aluminum, copper, bronze, brass and alloy metal etc.


2. Can you provide machined finished parts?

Yes, we have our own machining center, we have machines for different machining process and CNC machining center.


3. What is your main casting process?

Our casting technologies include sand casing, investment casting, bonded sand casting etc.


4. Can you produce OEM parts according to our casting drawing and machining drawing?

Yes, we can produce OEM parts according to our casting drawing and machining drawing.