Iron Cast Foundry industry

Iron Cast Foundry industry
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Iron cast foundry industry

Large-scale casting in the solidification process, its parts are generally reduced in size, casting the size of the percentage reduction, called casting line shrinkage or casting shrinkage. When manufacturing the mold (including the core box), the mold is enlarged according to the determined casting shrinkage to ensure that the size of the castings after cooling meets the requirements.


Large castings material introduction

① gray cast iron.

Carbon content is higher (2.7% ~ 4.0%), carbon mainly in the form of flake graphite, fracture gray, referred to as gray iron. Low melting point (1145 ~ 1250 ℃), solidification shrinkage is small, compressive strength and hardness close to carbon steel, shock absorption is good. Used in the manufacture of machine bed, cylinder, box and other structural parts.

② vertical beam casting cast iron cast iron.

Carbon, silicon content is low, carbon mainly in the form of cementite, fracture was silver-white. Solidification shrinkage, easy to produce shrinkage, cracks. High hardness, brittle, can not bear the impact load. Used for malleable cast iron and the production of wear-resistant parts.

③ malleable cast iron.

By the white cast iron annealing treatment obtained, graphite was flocculent distribution, referred to as tough iron. Its organization and performance uniform, wear-resistant, good plasticity and toughness. Used in the manufacture of parts with complex shapes and capable of withstanding dynamic loads.

④ ductile iron.

The gray cast iron molten iron obtained by the ballification treatment, precipitation of graphite was spherical, referred to as ductile iron. Than ordinary gray cast iron has a higher strength, better toughness and plasticity. Vertical castings casting casting process, sand casting mainly clay sand, organic binder sand, resin from the hard sand, EPC and so on.




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This product models many, can be customized production, please pay attention to the information!

1. What is the size and size of the product?

2. What is the choice of products, the overall volume is how much?

3. What is the number of this order?



1. Are you a manufacturer, trading company or a third party?

  A: We are a manufacturer, founded in 2003.

2. Can you provide machined finished parts?

  A: Yes, we have our own machining center, we have machines for different machining process and CNC machining center.

3. What is your main casting process?

  A: Our casting technologies include sand casing, investment casting, bonded sand casting etc.

4. What’s the minimum wall thickness of the castings you produce?

  A: The minimum wall thickness of the castings we produce is 8mm.

5. What’s the maximum weight of castings you can produce?

  A:The maximum weight of castings we can produce is 1.8 tons.

6. Can you list the smelting equipment of your company?

  A: We have 3 models of medium-frequency induction furnaces: 0.5 tons, 2 tons and 3 tons


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