Custom Metal Casting Process

Custom Metal Casting Process
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Custom metal casting process

this process are with good slag stopping function, at the same time pouring pressure is increased. Pouring speed must be controlled to be full stream and flow into the cavity fast, till pouring gate be filled up.


Product Description

Name: cast aluminum pieces

Material: aluminum alloy

Die-casting type: aluminum alloy mechanical parts,hardware accessories, large military accessories, rail accessories  ,other general hardware accessories

Supply type:Can be designed according to the pattern


Casting Features

1. Aluminum casting a wide range

2. Casting size of high precision, low surface roughness

3. High productivity

4. High metal utilization

Exquisite craftsmanship

Each product has to undergo a strict check, each process are precipitation for many years of casting experience. Continuous innovation, improve production; treating people with sincerity, intentions for your service.



Ø  Strict contract auditing invloved all departments to assure the feasibility of each order.

Ø  Process design and validation before bulk production.

Ø  Strictly control on all raw and auxiliary materials, All raw materials reach the world advanced level.

Ø  On-site inspection to all processes, inspection record keep traceable for 3 years.

Ø  All inspectors are skilled with international certificates.

Ø  Qualified WPS and professional welders guarantee welding quality.

Ø  100% inspection of finished sprouts before shipment.

Ø  Advanced and complete testing and inspection equipment: NDT, metal Microscope, impact tester, hardness tester...

Ø  Regular training for inspection staff

High-quality materials: Cast iron alloys often contain alloying elements: Si、Cu、Mg、Zn、Sn, and other elements such as Cr、Mn、Ni、Be、Zr、Ti...

According to the basic elements contained in the alloy, casting alloy can be divided into four groups:

(1) cast aluminum - silicon alloy;

(2) cast aluminum - copper alloy;

(3) cast aluminum - magnesium alloy;

(4) cast aluminum - zinc alloy.

Five advantages and quality packaging:

1. professional die-casting manufacturers

2. Product specifications, color optional

3. High quality magnesium alloy

4. superb technology

Five advantages

1. production strength

Casting equipment, the existing roller sand mixer, enthusiastic box shoot core machine, low pressure casting machine, molding machine and polishing equipment;

2. One-stop service

The company has mold design department, mold manufacturing department, magnesium alloy die-casting department, precision machining department, surface treatment department, quality management department and after-sales service department seven departments, can provide customers with one-stop service;

3. Wide range of applications

Company products mainly related to automobile and motorcycle accessories, furniture accessories, metal decoration, construction hardware, electronic communications equipment, sports equipment and other industries;

4. Production equipment

The company has two brands of die-casting machine, a computer gong, sparks machine 2, milling machine 8 and other types of machines. With more than 400 sets of die-casting mold production, all kinds of die-casting more than 2,000 tons of production capacity.

5. Improve after-sales service

Support to customize the product specifications, 24-hour fast proofing, spot delivery the same day, online customer service quick response, give you five-star experience.



1. What information do you need if I want to get a quotation?

  A: We need to know the material code, casting drawing and machining drawing with specification included.

2. What is the delivery time of pattern, casting parts and machining finished parts?

  A: In general, pattern making time is 20-40 days base on the design of the parts, sample making time is 20-30 days, machining finished parts lead time is 40-60 days. The lead time will vary base one different design and weight of the parts, please contact us for details.

3. What’s the minimum wall thickness of the castings you produce?

  A: The minimum wall thickness of the castings we produce is 8mm.

4. Which grade of radiographic inspection can you reach?

  A: We can reach Grade 2.