Wear Resistant Alloys Castings

Wear Resistant Alloys Castings
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Wear resistant alloys castings Introduction


We provide a wide range of wear resistant alloys, including custom alloys to meet specific customer needs. We are professional supplier in investment castings by casting products.The materials that we are dealing with are the carbon steel, alloy steel, ductile iron, grey iron and so on. Our OEM products are widely used in the industrial.

Wear resistant alloy casting process

1)Casting Process: Lost wax casting/Investment casting/Die Casting/Sand casting/Gravity casting

2)Forging Process: Hammer Forging/Die Forging/Roll Forging

3)Stamping Process: Leaser Cutting/Punching/Bending

4)Machining: CNC turning, Milling, Drilling, Grinding.

5)Inspection: Caliper, CMM, Projector.

Technical key points

Do not compensate molten steel to the cavity from the risers after pouring is finished, otherwise the inclusions inside the risers will get into the body of the casting, and cause the flaw of inclusions and cracks.

Pouring time empirical formula: 

T-casting time (S) G-total weight of molten steel (Kg)

S—coefficient, when 1000Kg <G <3000Kg; S=1.2; when G> 3000Kg, S = 1.0          

Advantages we have

1. Experienced casting parts supplier"

2. Professional design team and sales department for your service;

3. Recognized by 'CE/ISO9001' and so on;

4. 7*24 service for you, all the question will be dealed within 24hours.

Benefit you get

1. Stable quality —— Coming from good materials and technic

2. Lower price —— Not cheapest but the lowest at the same quality 

3. Good service —— Satisfactory service before and after sale

4. Delivery time —— 30-60 days for mass production


1. What information do you need if I want to get a quotation?

We need to know the material code, casting drawing and machining drawing with specification included. 

2. How is your goods quality?

We cooperated with many world class companied for many years, for examples, Stertil B.V., LKL, FLOWSERVE, Ruhrpump, Hitachi, Swater, GE, CAT, WKM etc. our products received good response from our customers.

3. What’s the minimum wall thickness of the castings you produce? 

The minimum wall thickness of the castings we produce is 8mm.

4. Can you list the smelting equipment of your company?

We have 3 models of medium-frequency induction furnaces: 0.5 tons, 2 tons and 3 tons.