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17th Brazil International Casting Exhibition (Exhibits range)


1. Die-casting equipment; smelting equipment; all kinds of cold room / hot chamber die casting machine(Aluminum, zinc, copper, magnesium alloy die-casting machine); all kinds of hydraulic press, hydraulic press peripheral equipment and accessories; differential casting paint; investment casting; precision


2. Die-casting equipment; Casting (special alloy and wax material); die casting mold; process control and extrusion casting; low pressure casting; gravity metal casting; centrifugal casting; continuous casting; shell casting; lost mold casting.


3. Sand processing equipment; sanding equipment; molding core equipment; throwing shot peening cleaning equipment; metal casting equipment; smelting burning equipment; welding equipment; transportation equipment; testing equipment; aging treatment equipment; Core equipment, special casting equipment; casting furnace and accessories; burner and iron mouth; non-destructive testing; refractory materials; casting materials; casting resin, casting repair materials and equipment and other ancillary products; control equipment; Temperature instrument, etc.


4.Forging equipment; forging equipment; free forging equipment; extrusion, rotary forming, cutting, bending twisting molding equipment; mechanical presses; automatic forging machine; hydraulic machine; automatic molding equipment; general molding equipment; forging hammer; Cutting for the forging equipment and accessories forging forging furnace and energy-saving technology forging automation control equipment.


5. Casting raw material suppliers and equipment service providers


Wuxi Lingtong Casting Co., Ltd., established in 2003, is a middle size foundry in Wuxi, China. And our company is specialize in customized high-end steel castings, stainless steel castings. If you exactly are interested in sand castings, cast iron, engineering castings and other castings, and you noticed our company in this exhibition, please feel free to contact us. Our products are exported to Japan, Holland, Australia and America, the quality of our castings are widely appreciated in China and abroad market. We believe that we will be your best choice.


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