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2017 WFO international mold casting technology

Sponsor: world foundry organization (WFO)

Organizer: WFO modeling materials committee

China institute of mechanical engineering

China foundry industry productivity promotion center

Co-organizer: Korea casting society

Japan institute of foundry engineering

Indian institute of foundry workers


Theme: high efficiency, low-cost molding materials

After the WFO molding materials committee first held MMC BBS in China in 2015, it will be another high-level international conference on molding materials.BBS will bring together world-leading researchers in the field of mold materials, exchange and discuss new materials, new technologies, new equipment, and predict future development direction of molds.The WFO secretariat is keen to invite the paper to be published during BBS.


Participants in the 2017 MMC BBS will enjoy all the rights and interests of the 14 AFC.


A preliminary plan

Registration on 7 November

Opening ceremony and technical meeting of the 14th AFC on 8 November


November 9, 2017 MMC BBS opening and technical meeting

Visit work on November 10

Author's directions

1. Papers submitted for work must be original and have never been published and must be written in English.

2.The content of the paper should include title, abstract, keywords, introduction, text, conclusions and references.Abstract should be limited to 500 words, no charts or pictures.

3.The author's information should include a brief introduction to the first author, detailed addresses, phone calls and emails.Each author can submit multiple summaries (and papers).

4.Upon completion of the review process, the author of each document will be informed that the summary has been emailed to BBS.If the paper is accepted, the paper template (two columns) will also be sent to the author.The author then needs to submit a complete paper.

5.The full paper must be submitted in Word format using the 2017 MMC BBS document template.

6.All accepted papers will be published in congress.


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