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Advantages of a new type of gear pump in pump fittings

May 04, 2018

Speaking of the advantages of the new type gear pump in the pump fittings, first of all, we should also pay attention to the electric hydraulic gear pump in the pump fittings. It is a new type of gear pump which combines hydraulic and electric drive. It combines the high performance and all electric energy saving advantages of the fully hydraulic gear pump, this kind of electric hydraulic combined compound tooth. Wheel pump has become the development direction of gear pump technology.


The new type gear pump in the pump fittings, in fact, also includes the full hydraulic gear pump, has many unique advantages in the precision and complex shape products. It has developed from the traditional single cylinder filling, multi cylinder liquid filling to the present two plate straight press. In this, it is bound to be the most representative of the two plate straight press, but its control technique The technology is difficult, the machining accuracy is high, and the hydraulic technology is difficult to grasp.


The new type gear pump and all electric gear pump are the advantages of the equipment. The advantages of the equipment are the advantages of environmental protection and energy saving. According to the report, the current more advanced all electric gear pump can achieve 70% power saving, in addition, because of the high precision of the servo motor injection control, the speed is also more stable. It can also be regulated by multilevel.


In the actual use of the above pump accessories, we should pay attention to the full hydraulic gear pump in service life is not as good as the full hydraulic gear pump, and the full hydraulic gear pump to ensure the precision must use a closed loop control servo valve, and the servo valve is very expensive, bringing the cost of the upper. Rise. In the cost composition of injection products, electricity accounts for a considerable proportion. According to the demand of gear pump equipment, the power consumption of this pump is up to 50%-65% in proportion to the whole equipment consumption, so it has great energy saving potential.


The new gear pump in the pump fittings has many advantages, but because the motor cost is high, the cost is limited, and the development technology is difficult, so the development of the new gear pump still needs both time and the double inspection of the market. But it is undeniable that, as mentioned above, the pump parts can meet the high precision machining, and have unique advantages in the environment of environmental protection and energy saving, so the development prospect of this pump fittings will be extremely considerable.http://www.pump-casting.com/