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Ammonia ammonia valves in valve parts routine maintenance

Valve ammonia ammonia valve with a longer service life and maintenance-free period, in fact, is dependent on the normal working conditions, to maintain a harmonious temperature or pressure ratio, and the corrosive data. This valve fitting is closed, there will still be pressurized fluid inside the valve body. The actual maintenance and repair should pay attention to the following aspects.


Valve parts ammonia ammonia valve in the use and maintenance, first of all, in its maintenance before, it should be to pay attention to relieve pressure on the pipeline and make the valve in the open position; pay attention to disconnect the power or gas source; Detach the actuator and bracket.


Ammonia valve parts ammonia valve maintenance, some must be found on the ball valve, the downstream pipe has indeed been removed after the pressure, can be disassembled decomposition operation; decomposition and reassembly, be sure to be careful to prevent damage to the parts The sealing surface, especially non-metallic parts, should also be careful to remove the O-ring should use special tools.


Ammonia ammonia valve valve parts in the assembly of the valve, the flange on the bolt must pay attention to symmetry, step by step, evenly tighten; cleaning agent should be among the valve parts and rubber parts, plastic parts, metal Parts and working medium (such as gas) are compatible. Working medium for gas, that is, with gasoline (GB484-89) cleaning metal parts. Among the non-metallic parts of the valve fitting is to pay attention to be sure to choose pure water or alcohol for cleaning.


Valve parts in the non-metallic parts after cleaning should be taken out of the cleaning agent immediately, can not be a long time for soaking; after cleaning need to wait for the wall washes after the cleaning agent volatilization (available non-cleaning detergent silk cloth) Assembly, but can not be shelved for a long time, otherwise the valve parts that will appear rusty or dust pollution phenomenon.http://www.pump-casting.com/