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Application advantages of fixed ball valves for pump and valve castings

Nov 20, 2018

The fixed ball valve of the pump and valve castings has many advantages in practical applications. One is that it is more labor-saving to operate, and because the ball is supported by the upper and lower bearings, the friction is reduced, and the huge seal formed by the ball and the sealing seat due to the inlet pressure is eliminated. The load causes excessive torque. Secondly, the sealing performance is reliable. Therefore, when the sealing surface of the valve is worn during use, the valve continues to ensure good sealing performance under the action of the spring.


Thirdly, the fixed ball valve of the pump and valve castings is specially designed with fireproof structure, that is, a fireproof sealing ring is arranged between the ball and the valve seat. When the sealing ring is burnt, the valve seat sealing ring is quickly pushed under the action of the spring force. On the sphere, a metal and metal seal is formed to provide a certain degree of sealing effect.


During application, when the fixed ball valve of the pump and valve castings is fully open or fully closed, the medium pressure is removed and the packing can be replaced. It can also discharge the retentate in the middle cavity and reduce the contamination of the valve by the medium. At present, it has been widely used in the cutting or circulation of conveying pipeline media such as food, medicine, petroleum, chemical, natural gas, steel, environmental protection, and papermaking.http://www.pump-casting.com/