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Application and Design of Cryogenic Valve for Pump Valve Accessories

Jun 29, 2018

The filling parts of the cryogenic valves of pump valve fittings are all heightened, that is, the lengthened stem is the valve that can be used under low temperature conditions. Normally, valves with an operating temperature below -40°C are called cryogenic valves. The cryogenic valve of the pump valve fitting is one of the indispensable important equipments in petrochemical industry, air separation, natural gas and other industries. The quality of the cryogenic valve determines whether it can be produced safely, economically, and continuously.


At the same time, the market demand for cryogenic valves for pump and valve accessories is also growing. To meet these requirements, what conditions must be met when designing? In fact, due to the harsh working conditions of cryogenic valves, most of their working media are flammable, explosive, and highly permeable materials, so more issues need to be considered in the design, manufacture, and inspection process.


First of all, the design of the low-temperature valve and the combination of the valve components should be able to maintain long-term operation in low temperature environment. Moreover, the low temperature medium should not adversely affect the handling performance of the hand wheel and the sealing performance of the filler. In addition, the valve assembly that operates at a low temperature cannot be lubricated, so measures need to be taken to prevent the friction member from being scratched.http://www.pump-casting.com/