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Briefly introduce the advantages of electric valve in valve accessories

May 18, 2018

Industry production of common used include metal valve, electric valve, and is the use of metal valves have hundreds of years of history, even in the midst of this after the materials and structure improvements, but received metal material itself limitations. Traditional metal valves and metal valve accessories are urgently needed to be revolutionized in materials, design and manufacturing processes.

It was also because of this, need for valve accessories materials, we necessarily will notice for now more advanced ceramic materials as a new material of the 21st century, has been more and more important for scientific workers, then apply it in industrial valve parts of electric valve is a bold and useful innovation.

Valve parts of electric valve has the advantages of the first point, is refers to the use is high technology new ceramic structure material sealing valve parts and vulnerability valve accessories, improved the products of electric valve wear resistance, anticorrosion and sealing performance, are another ways, also can greatly prolong the service life of the valve itself.

Valve accessories for ceramic valves in use, can reduce the maintenance of the valve replacement number, at the same time, it can improve the security and stability of equipment operation system, and the actual use of time also can reduce the labor intensity of workers, saving the cost of the equipment repair in time. And to the use of the valve parts in large extent, also can improve the sealing of industrial piping system, at the same time also can maximize prevent leakage, for environmental protection also play a positive role in promoting.

Electric valves in the valve fittings, attention should be paid to its manufacturing ceramic raw materials of more extensive, cost is very low, this time will use aluminum, carbon, silicon and other common elements can directly produce the superior performance of ceramic materials, and at this point, also can save a lot of metal materials and corresponding rare mineral resources, and its performance price also is much better than the same kind of metal valve accessories.http://www.pump-casting.com/