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Characteristics of Forged Steel High Pressure Ball Valve in Pump Valve Fittings

Apr 03, 2018

The forged steel electric ball valve in the pump valve fittings will also be divided into low pressure forged steel electric ball valve and high pressure forged steel electric ball valve. The role of high-pressure forged steel electric ball valve, that is, in order to meet the requirements of users in the vulcanized environment to meet the application of cracking, this series of pump valve parts from the design, selection, manufacturing, testing, surface treatment and Its paint can also be strictly in accordance with the requirements of the United States Corrosion Engineers NACE standards.


Series valve fittings are not only widely used in material selection, but also in terms of internal materials, nickel-plated 316 materials are used, and the special seal packing materials are used. This pump valve accessory not only can prevent corrosion, has strong anti-vulcanization ability, fire prevention, anti-static, good sealing performance, wide range of use pressure and temperature, full diameter and reduced diameter, and can also be equipped with various driving devices. Using chemical and petroleum torch refining systems.


In this kind of pump valve accessories, the medium in the valve cavity will be raised due to temperature changes, and the medium pressure will push the valve seat away from the ball. In this respect, the effect of automatic pressure relief can also be achieved. It is the ideal valve selection for automatic reset of natural gas extraction and delivery system after pressure relief.


The range of high-quality features and characteristics make this valve and valve accessory occupy an important leading position in the future change of the valve and valve market. Some professionals predict that in the next 3-5 years, it is expected that this valve will occupy 70-80% of the market share of the traditional valve industry in 2025, and new types of products will continue to emerge, even leading other pump products at home and abroad.


Finally, according to the survey, we can see that the traditional forged steel electric pump valve manufacturers have been in a relatively flat period during the development of previous years. From the production process, the forged steel pump valve in the pump and valve fittings will be slightly behind that of the stainless steel pump valve manufacturing technology; but in terms of overseas output, the annual average output of the forged steel pump valve in China is 300 million dollars. However, the stainless steel pump valve can be up to 500 million US dollars.http://www.pump-casting.com/