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CNC finishing dimensions and positioning accuracy

Aug 22, 2018

CNC finishing in the process of its CNC machining spindle speed and feed rate range than ordinary lathe, each process can choose the best cutting, cutting rigid structure, CNC lathe CNC lathe cutting volume allows, reduce operation time. CNC-finished moving parts are positioned with acceleration and deceleration control and use a slower stroke speed to reduce positioning and non-cutting time in the machining shop. Using the machining center to change the device with a knife and an automatic tool, the workpiece often has only one clamping to complete all machining operations, reducing the turnaround time of the semi-finished product, and the production efficiency is very high.

Geometric precision of CNC finishing

Geometric accuracy refers to the geometry of the surface of each axis, such as whether the row is a straight precision component, the surface is flat, and the cylinder is rounded in all normal sections. Tolerance is formed within the allowable range, and the smaller the number, the higher the shape accuracy.

CNC finishing dimensional accuracy

Dimensional accuracy refers to dimensional tolerances after the exact size of the part has been machined. Parts of the same size, precision, and a smaller number are more tolerant.

Positioning accuracy of CNC finishing

Positional accuracy refers to the position between the surfaces, such as whether the two planes are parallel, vertical precision parts, whether it is two-axis coaxial, etc., "position tolerance".http://www.pump-casting.com/