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CNC finishing operation process and enhancement of part strength

Aug 15, 2018

CNC finishing in the process of operation, the geometric information and process information on the machined part drawing are digitized, so that the relative movement path of the tool and the workpiece can be changed, and the spindle speed and feed rate are changed during CNC finishing. The control and operation of the switch of the coolant, the change of the workpiece and the tool are programmed into the machining program according to the specified code and format, and then the program is input into the numerical control system.


In order to improve the strength of the part, CNC finishing must use its high-strength material during the production. It can heat-treat the material and reduce the internal stress during operation, and control the processing to reduce or Eliminate the microscopic deficiencies, try to reduce the load on the parts; increase the size of the dangerous section of the part, rationally design the shape of the section to increase the moment of inertia of the section, and properly relate the structure of the part to reduce the concentration of stress.

CNC finishing can multi-coordinate linkage, which can process parts with complex shapes to a certain extent. Its machining precision is high, and it has stable processing quality to a certain extent. Its product quality is easy to control. When machining parts change, generally only need to be changed. The numerical control program can save production preparation time, and the machine tool itself has high precision and rigidity, and can select favorable processing amount and high productivity.