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CNC finishing process and working principle

Jul 17, 2018

CNC finishing in the process of operation mainly refers to the high precision marked on the production and processing drawings, and requires precision machining equipment to be completed during the operation. CNC finishing has a high degree of precision on its own to a certain extent, under normal circumstances The processing of small batch parts has a very unique advantage. CNC finishing mainly processes parts that are quenched.

 CNC finishing process and working principle

1. Division of process and work steps, determination of tool points and tool change points.

2. Determination of processing route, selection of processing methods and determination of processing plan.

3. Reasonable selection of machine tools, choose the different models for the accuracy of the workpiece.

4. Part installation and fixture selection.

5. Tool selection and determination of cutting amount.

6. CNC machining parts process analysis, reasonable processing technology.

7. The correct operation method of CNC precision machining.

The geometric information and process information on the CNC finished part drawing are digitized, that is, the relative movement path of the tool and the workpiece, the change of the spindle speed and the feed speed during the CNC machining, the switch of the coolant, the transformation of the workpiece and the tool, etc. The operation is programmed into a machining program according to the specified code and format, and then the program is input into the numerical control system.