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Commonly used finishing methods and features and surface requirements

Finishing in the process of operating mainly to complete the final processing of the main surface, so that you can make a part machining precision and surface quality can meet the requirements of the drawings.Finishing technology is an advanced manufacturing technology which is developed to meet the needs of modern high technology.It is the basic technology in the field of high technology, which combines the new achievements of the development of mechanical technology and the high technology of modern electronics, sensing technology, optics and computer.

Now finish machining accuracy has reached the 1 ~ (including 0.1 m, the surface roughness is Ra0.1 ~ 0.01 m (including processing technology, but this line is along with the progress of the processing technology of changing, finishing effectively include the position tolerances, dimensional accuracy, surface condition, processing efficiency, and so on.

Commonly used finishing methods and characteristics

1.Abrasive belt grinding is the blended fabric of with abrasive abrasive to machining of work pieces, belongs to the category of the coated with abrasive grinding, and has high productivity and good surface quality, widely used, etc.It can adapt to the sand belt series of different occasions when using, and produce general and special abrasive belt grinding machine, and the degree of automation is continuously improved.

2. Precision cutting is also called the diamond tool cutting, with high precision machine tools and machining single crystal diamond tool, mainly used for copper, aluminum and other unfavorable grinding processing of soft metal finishing, such as computer use drum, disk, and high power laser with metallic mirrors, higher than general machining precision of 1 ~ 2 level.

3. Super precision grinding with precise dressing of grinding wheel in the precision grinding machine on the trace of grinding, metal removal volume in the sub-micron or even smaller, can achieve very high dimensional accuracy and shape accuracy and low surface roughness value.Size accuracy 0.1~0.3 m, surface roughness Ra0.2~0.05 m, high efficiency.The wide range of applications, from soft metal to cutting hardened steel, stainless steel, high speed steel and other hard materials, and semiconductor, glass, ceramics and other hard brittle non-metallic materials, almost all of the materials are available in grinding process.