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Finished workpiece surface treatment methods and advantages

Mechanical finishing is a process in which a processing machine effectively changes the dimensions and properties of its workpieces. Finishing machining is effectively divided into cold and hot processing in accordance with the temperature state in which the workpiece is being processed. Generally processed at room temperature, and does not cause changes in the chemical or physical phase of the workpiece, said cold processing. Generally, the processing above or below the normal temperature state will cause changes in the chemical or physical phase of the workpiece, which is called thermal processing.

The finishing wire cutting can be divided into fast walking, middle walking and walking walking to a certain extent. Among them, the walking wire is made of copper wire as the electrode. The processing speed is slow and the precision is extremely high. It can reach the level of 0.001mm.

The advantage of slow wire spinning in finishing

1. One-way movement of walking silk wire, passing or discarding, wire electrode itself has always maintained a high accuracy!

2. It is very slow to walk slowly and there is almost no jitter!

3. The entire workpiece is completely immersed in deionized water, there will be no processing oxidation!

Finished workpiece surface treatment

1: galvanized, nickel plated, chrome plated, gold plated, silver plated, blackened, oxidized, electropolished, pickled, phosphatized, electrophoresed.

2: spray paint, paint, spray, spray porcelain.

3: polishing, brushing, grinding, shot blasting, shot blasting, vibration grinding.

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