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Finishing machinery requirements for processing materials

Apr 09, 2018

The technology of precision machining and ultra-precision machining is a major factor in improving the quality, performance, reliability, and working life of electromechanical products. For example, by effectively improving the machining accuracy of pistons and cylinders, the efficiency and horsepower of automotive engines can be improved to a certain degree. Reduce its fuel consumption.

Finished stainless steel thin-walled parts

Under normal circumstances, stainless steel thin-walled parts are basically processed by plate, through punching machine tools or wire cutting machine tools, laser cutting machine cutting, CNC bending machine bending, and then by welding combination. However, through the production of precise fixtures and reasonable clamping methods, experienced technicians have worked out reasonable processing techniques. It has been proved that it can solve the processing problems of such products by precision machining.

What are the requirements of the finishing machine for processing the material?

1. First, the material hardness requirements, for some occasions, the higher the hardness of the material, the better, but limited to the hardness requirements of the machining parts, the processing of the material can not be too hard, if it is harder than the parts can not be processed.

2. Secondly, the material is moderately soft and hard, at least one grade lower than the hardness of the parts. At the same time, it depends on the function of the processed device, and it is reasonable for the parts.

Therefore, the most basic one is to pay attention to the density of the material before processing. If the density is too high, it is equivalent to a large hardness. If the hardness exceeds the hardness of the machine (lathe turning tool), it cannot be processed. In general, for machine processing, the material material is lower than the hardness of the machine knife so that it can be processed.http://www.pump-casting.com/