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Finishing Machining processing advantages

Finishing Machining in the process of production more tend to be intelligent, the main artificial intelligence is effectively integrated into all aspects of the manufacturing process, the effective simulation of human experts through intelligent activities to replace or extend part of the manufacturing system of mental work, During the manufacturing process, the system can automatically monitor its operating status and automatically adjust its parameters when subjected to external disturbances or internal stimuli so as to achieve the best conditions and self-organization capability.

Finishing Machining effective use of its new CNC EDM machine tool with intelligent control of expert systems and fuzzy control technology, the latter mainly by computer monitoring to determine the state of EDM gap, in the context of maintaining a stable arc automatically select The use of processing efficiency to achieve its highest processing conditions. Fuzzy control technology is the computer monitor to determine the state of EDM gap, in the maintenance of a stable arc automatically select the machining efficiency to achieve the highest processing conditions, automatic monitoring of the process, to achieve the most stable process control technology.

Information processing in the process of manufacturing information input, has become the main factor in determining the cost of the product. The essence of the manufacturing process is the process of collecting, inputting, processing and processing all kinds of information resources in the manufacturing process. The final product can be regarded as the material representation of the information, so the information can be regarded as an industry, including in manufacturing Among them.

The Finishing Machining function of Finishing Machining is mainly to integrate a plurality of unit systems which are originally operated independently and integrate a new system that can be coordinated and more powerful. The purpose of its integration is to some extent effectively achieve the functional integration of its manufacturing enterprises. The integration of functions requires the integration of technology with modern management techniques, computer technologies, automation technologies and information technologies. At the same time, it emphasizes the integration of human beings. Since the system Can not be nobody, the effect of system operation and business ideas, operating mechanisms, management models are related to people, in the technical integration, but also should emphasize the integration of management and people.http://www.pump-casting.com/