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Finishing on the field of mechanical production and processing environment requirements

Feb 24, 2018

Finishing in the process of operation is very easy to get its good surface quality, because the operation of the process does not produce macroscopic cutting, the workpiece surface does not produce a strong bomb and plastic deformation, so you can get a good Surface roughness.

Finishing on the impact of mechanical production

1. Finishing can effectively improve the workability of its materials.

2. Finishing can change the typical part of the process route.

To some extent greatly shorten the trial period of new products.

4. Finishing on the product structure design have a great impact.

5. Finishing has a significant impact on traditional structural handicraft and bad metrics.

Finishing processing environment requirements

1. Thermostat - Requires a temperature of ± 1 degree to ± 0.01 degrees, the method for achieving the size of the constant temperature + local constant temperature (temperature cover, thermostatic oil spray)

2. Humidity - Requires relative humidity of 35% to 45%, fluctuation ± 10% to ± 1%, and the method to achieve it is to use its air conditioning system.

3. Purification - Requirements 10000 to 100 (100 refers to more than 105 dust per cubic foot of air does not exceed the number of 100)http://www.pump-casting.com/