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Flexibility and control advantages of finish machining and classification of its machining methods

Jan 04, 2018

Finish machining can be realized in the process of operating way of man-machine dialogue, will be effective according to the conditions and requirements of the processing, reasonable input value can be created automatically after processing procedure,The optimization control of finish machining process can be realized to some extent.

When finish machining system detection processing conditions, as long as the input machining shape, electrode and work piece material, position, target roughness value, amount of electrode scaling, manner, such as taper value indicators, can be automatically calculated and configure the best processing conditions.The application of system intelligent technology makes machine tool operation easier, and the technical level of the operator is lower.

Flexibility of finish machining is mainly refers to a manufacturing system's ability to adapt to the change of various production conditions, and its system and the related personnel and equipment, flexibility of  system refers to the processing of different parts of degrees of freedom.Flexibility of person refers to the ability of operators to ensure processing tasks, and to complete the amount and time required. Flexibility of equipment refers to the ability of machine tool to adapt to new parts in the short term.

The processing technology is usually divided by machining precision, which can be divided into general processing, finish machining and ultra-precision machining.According to the mechanism and characteristics of the machining method, the precision machining method can be divided into the removal of processing, the combination of processing and deformation processing, removing the processing from the work piece.Combined processing is the use of physical and chemical methods to combine different materials into attachment, injection and connection.

The attachment process is to cover a layer of material on the surface of the work piece, which is a weak combination.The typical machining method is plating, and the injection process is to inject some elements into the surface of the work piece to produce a materialized reaction with the substrate material.The reaction is a strong combination of covalent bonds, ionic bonds and metal bonds.Used to change the mechanical properties of the work piece surface material. Material joining processes are  two kinds of the same or different materials together by physico-chemical method.Deformation processing is the use of force, heat, molecular motion and other means to produce deformation, change its size, shape and performance.http://www.pump-casting.com/