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Formation characteristics of pump and valve castings and improvement of technical level

Jul 14, 2018

In the process of operation, the pump valve castings are characterized by complex classification, thin wall thickness and inner core cavity forming. The pump valve castings mainly use the solidification simulation technology to simulate and optimize the casting during the filling and solidification process of the castings. The process parameters realize the iron-type sand-casting casting production of pump and valve castings. The production line adopts iron-type signal-free precision conveying technology, iron heating system, high-efficiency hydraulic cleaning system, modular control system, independent circulation casting system, etc. Automated flexible production of iron and sand casting of pump and valve castings.

 Pump valve castings fundamentally improve the level of casting technology

1. Develop simulation technology to improve the accuracy of prediction, strengthen process control, and improve yield.

2. Combination of production, study and research. In addition to the enhancement of innovation consciousness and the improvement of research and development capabilities, the independent innovation of enterprises also needs to attach importance to and strengthen the combination of “production, learning and research” with precision casting enterprises as the main body.

3. Pay attention to material research and development. Materials are the foundation of industry, and there is still a lot of work to be done. In the aerospace field, research on some new materials such as alloy materials, especially high-temperature alloys.

4. Pay attention to the improvement of equipment technology. The process is mainly a matter of equipment, many key equipment.