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Forming Method and Mechanical Properties of Valve Casting

Sep 27, 2017

The shape of the valve casting and the manufacture of the core are based on the requirements of the casting process, in determining the shape of the method and ready to shape the basis of materials. The accuracy of its valve casting and the economic benefits of all the production process mainly depend on this process. In many modern foundry workshops, the shape and the core are mechanized and automated to a certain extent.


After the pump-cast cooled mold is removed, it will carry with gates, risers and metal burrs, even the sand. Therefore they must be cleaned. The equipment for carrying out this work is a grinder, a shot blasting machine, a riser cutting machine and so on.

Pump shell casting.jpg

Valve Casting metal is metal materials which used in the casting, it is a metal element as the main component, and add other metal or non-metallic elements and the composition of the alloy, commonly known as casting alloy, mainly including cast iron, cast steel and cast nonferrous alloys.

Casting is a more economical blank forming method, for the complex shape of the parts can show its economy better, such as car engine cylinder and cylinder head, ship propeller and exquisite works of art and so on. Some hard-to-cut parts, such as nickel-based alloy parts of a steam turbine can not be molded without casting.

The range and weight of the parts for the casting of the valve are wide, and the metal type is almost unrestricted. Parts in the general mechanical properties at the same time also has a wear, corrosion resistance, shock absorption and other comprehensive performance, other metal forming methods can not do such as forging, rolling, welding, red and so. So in the machine manufacturing industry with the casting method of rough parts is still the largest in the number and tonnage.

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