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Forming Process and Economic Performance of Pump Valve Casting

Sep 14, 2017

In the process of pump valve casting, the cost is low, and design can be flexible, it can ensure conformable quality through making reasonable technology, economic, applicable and reliable welding technology, what’s why it has been widely used in the market. 

The valve product is a control component in a piping fluid delivery system and is used primarily to change the flow cross-section, direction and pressure during use.

Pumping Casting uses a variety of casting methods to obtain metal forming objects, it is the most widely used metal liquid molding process. Casting is the technology to use smelted liquid metal, applying effective casting, injection, suction or other casting method, to inject into the prepared mold, after cooling, grinding and other means of processing, to get a certain shape, size and performance Of the object. Pump casting process is flexible, wide adaptable, product size is almost unlimited, with casting, we can produce castings with complicated cavities and shapes.

Turbo impeller casting.jpg

Valve casting is the most widely used metal liquid molding process. Valve casting is using the liquid metal pouring into the mold cavity, when cooled and solidified, it can obtain a certain shape of the blank or parts, which can produce the cavity, even can produce the complex shape. 

valve casting process is flexible, wide adapted, and the size of the product is almost unlimited, in the industry where can be dissolved into liquid metal materials can be used for liquid molding. The cost of valve casting process is relatively low , In the process of production can directly use its waste parts and chips, equipment, low cost, while the valve casting processing margin is small, which can save metal.