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Hot spray or spray paint can be used to deal with the corrosion of pump valve accessories.

Apr 17, 2018

Because the pump valve accessories are made of different materials, after a period of use, it is necessary to pay attention to anti-corrosion. And the heat spray or spray paint of the pump valve accessories should be used to deal with the corrosion of the pump valve accessories.

Heat spray used in pump valve accessories to deal with corrosion:

The thermal spraying of the components of the pump valve, we should also pay attention to the preparation of the coating of a type of process square, has become one of the new technology of material surface protection. It is the use of high energy density of heat (gas combustion flame, arc, plasma arc, electric, gas combustion, etc.) to heat the metal or nonmetal material after melting, in the form of atomized spray to the pretreatment of base surface, formation of coating layer, or at the same time the basic heating surface, the coating on the surface of the matrix, melt, forming the surface strengthening technology of the spray welding layers.

Most metals and its alloys, metal oxide ceramics, ceramic composites and hard metal compounds produced by pump valve accessories, also can use one or several of the thermal spraying methods, form a coating on the metal or nonmetal substrate.

Thermal spraying can directly improve the surface corrosion resistance, wear resistance and high temperature resistance of the pump valve accessories, and effectively extend its service life. Thermal spraying special functional coating, with insulation, insulation (or different electricity), grinding seal, self-lubricating, thermal radiation, electromagnetic shielding and other special properties; In view of this, thermal spraying can be used to repair pump valve accessories.

Spray paint used in pump valve accessories to deal with corrosion:

Spray paint is one of the most widely used anti-corrosion methods of pump valve accessories, and it is an indispensable anticorrosive material and identification mark on the pump valve accessories. Coatings are also non-metallic materials, which are usually made from synthetic resins, rubber slurry, vegetable oils, solvents, etc., covering the metal surface, insulating the media and atmosphere, and achieving the purpose of corrosion protection. The pump valve inner cavity is commonly used anticorrosive paint brush, prevent water, air and other media to the valve corrosion, valve spray paint, generally in six months to once a year.http://www.pump-casting.com/