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How to remove sticky sand on the surface of heat-resistant steel castings

Sep 29, 2017

Customized heat-resistant steel castings often adhere to a layer of sand is difficult to remove the sand, known as sticky sand. Sticky sand will not only affect the appearance of heat-resistant steel custom castings, but also increase the difficulty of cleaning the custom castings themselves and increase the workload of subsequent cutting operations, thus affecting the life of the machine itself.

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In order to prevent the heat-resistant steel custom castings appear sticky sand phenomenon, you can add coal in the sand, and in the casting surface of the anti-stick coating sand coating.

Custom castings of sticky sand, divided into mechanical clay sand chemistry is chemical sticky sand. Mechanical adhesion sand, metal liquid for the sand between the filling of the pores, the infiltration of metal liquid itself exceeds the sand gap between the gas pressure, when the metal liquid into the sand caused by the gap. In the heat-resistant steel custom casting surface coated with a layer of dense coating, it will directly play a metal liquid directly to prevent the infiltration of the inside, to a large extent, to prevent the phenomenon of mechanical casting sand sand casting.

Heat-resistant steel custom castings chemical sticky sand phenomenon, because the type of refractory itself is not high, the melting temperature is relatively low caused by, when we pour into the high temperature metal liquid, the type material will be more easily by the metal liquid Melting, this time to add a layer of refractory high paint, you can prevent the custom castings appear chemical sticky sand.

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