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Impeller wear and maintenance method of the Pump accessories

Dec 07, 2018

The impeller is one of the important pump accessories, and if it wears, it will cause certain anomalies. However, the obvious problem of wear of the impeller may be caused by poor water quality of the pump or by the faucet filter or the inlet horn being too close to the sediment or placed in the sediment. If the conveying medium is bad, improper selection of the impeller material will also cause this situation.


In addition, during the use of the water pump, if the nut of the pump accessories impeller is loosened frequently or for a long time, it may cause wear problems. In view of these situations, it is necessary to check the influent water quality of the water pump, and to improve the influent water quality by means of washing wells and setting up fences for the inspection. Ensure that the sediment concentration of water can be effectively reduced (generally, the volume ratio of sediment in well water should be no more than 0.02%) and the content of impurities.


The staff also needs to disassemble the pump body, carefully check the clearance of the seal ring, the installation position and installation quality of the pump accessories impellerand repair, adjust or replace appropriatly. Finally, reassemble the pump correctly as required. When assembling the pump, it is necessary to ensure the installation accuracy of the pump.www.pump-casting.com