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Introduction of pneumatic valve fittings

Pneumatic valve fittings: at the time of pneumatic valve for use, we need to configure some auxiliary parts to improve the performance of the pneumatic valve, it could improve the efficiency of the use of pneumatic valve to a large extent.Pneumatic valve accessories include air filters, reversing solenoid valves, limit switches and electrical locators.

The pneumatic technology which apply to pneumatic valve fittings fits the air filter, relief valve and oil mist detector together ,we call that air service unit . It used for the air purification and filtration which enter the pneumatic instrumentation,also pressure relief to instrument rated supply air pressure.This is also the function of the power transformer in the circuit.

Pneumatic valve fittings in the detection of limit switch valve is to control the system switch state of a kind of field instruments, pneumatic valve to open or close the valve position to switch (contact) and signal output, remote controller accept or computer to search for the sampling, confirmed after the execution of a program.

This product in pneumatic valve fittings is used as an important valve interlock protection in the system and its remote alarm indication.Commonly used valve limit switches include: mechanical poh-300, explosion-proof poh-300b.The basic actuator on the locator is used to drive the valve to a fully open or closed position.The actuator for the control valve can accurately position the valve in any position.

The design the small air filtration pressure reducer on pneumatic valve fittings is very light, it is also very convenient to install, so it could install together with pneumatic transmitter, pneumatic regulator, valve positioner and so on product to form a complete set of use.If the air filter on the pneumatic valve fittings and the pressure-reducing valve are designed as a whole, it will become a two-piece device.http://www.pump-casting.com/