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Jakarta International Industrial Manufacturing Exhibition in Indonesia

Indonesia Jakarta International Industrial Manufacturing Exhibition is organized by the Indonesian Ministry of Industry and the Indonesian Machine Tool Industry Association is held once a year, and has been held for 30 sessions from 1986. Indonesia Jakarta International Machine Tool Exhibition is supported by the Indonesian Ministry of Industry and the Indonesian Machine Tool Industry Association. As one of the largest professional exhibitions in the machine tool industry in Indonesia and Southeast Asia, it has contributed to many professional exchanges and cooperation every year. As an international exhibition, the show attracted 40 countries from Australia, Russia, Belgium, China, Brazil, Canada, Czech Republic, Egypt, Germany, France, India, Japan and the United States.


Indonesia's industrial base is relatively weak, the level of science and technology is not high, so a considerable number of industrial manufactured goods need to import from abroad. In particular, since 2007, Indonesia's demand for mechanical processing equipment is increasingly urgent, but the country's industrial technology backwards, and is far from meeting the needs of the market, which led to the fierce competition of businessmen


Our company hopes to participate in next year's exhibition. If we get such a good chance, our company will certainly make full  preparation in all aspects. We believe  after careful consideration, fine selection, our promotional activities will  achieve very satisfactory results. We believe that through the exhibition, the image of Lingtong will spread more widely and the brand effect of Lingtong will be more in-depth consumer's heart. The service policy of Lingtong will leave a better reputation for customers, and will win the appreciation of the market and customer trust. For the further information of our products, please visit our website: www.pump-casting.com/.


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