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Knowledge of hand wheel and air filter on valve accessories

Dec 22, 2017

First of all, we notice that the hand wheel on the valve accessories will vibrate on each axis of the hand wheel.There is a problem with the circuit board in the hand wheel box, which is to replace the damaged components.If the hand wheel in the valve accessories is sometimes useful and sometimes difficult to use, it may be because the hand wheel has a larger block of resistance inside or in the handwheel extension.

When the hand wheel on the valve accessories was used, the hand wheel was not sensitive enough, and a more serious pulse loss occurred, because the pins in the socket were not in place.When the hand wheel cannot be used, it is likely that the small plug of the signal line is A/B, which means that the X1/X2 is in reverse.

In pneumatic technology, air filters and pressure-reducing valves on the pneumatic valve accessories are referred to as pneumatic triple.In order to get a variety of functions, the three gas source processing elements are assembled directly in sequence, which is also referred to as the pneumatic triplex.

This kind of pneumatic valve accessories, the installation sequence is air filter, pressure-reducing valve and oil mist in sequence.The pneumatic triple are an indispensable air source device in most pneumatic systems. The installation on the gas equipment is the last guarantee of compressed air quality.

Finally, we should pay attention to the design and installation of this kind pneumatic valve accessories , in addition to ensure the quality of pneumatic triple, we should save the space both think about to be more convenient for operation and installation . Also we need to consider related factors such like pneumatic valve accessories can be arbitrary combination and so on.http://www.pump-casting.com/