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Knowledge of limit switches and other pneumatic accessories in valve accessories

May 03, 2018

The limit switch in the valve parts is widely used in the construction, port, mine and other industries to control and limit the space three coordinates of the lifting and transmission machinery, and the limit switch has a relatively high precision. The large transmission of the limit switch on this valve assembly will be composed of a mechanical memory control mechanism and a sensor that are synchronous with the output shaft of the reducer.


The limit switch in the valve parts is widely used in engineering machinery because of its small size, many functions, high precision, adjustable limit, strong versatility, and convenient maintenance and installation and easy adjustment. After that, the electrohydraulic actuator in this part should also pay attention to the standard input signal (4-20mA, D.C.), and then through the electro-hydraulic conversion, hydraulic amplification and conversion to the input signal corresponding to the 0 degree to 90 degree angle displacement output torque or linear displacement output force.


The electro-hydraulic actuator in the valve parts has a large advantage over the traditional pneumatic actuators and electric actuators, which has the characteristics of larger travel, big thrust or torque, quick response time, high sensitivity and compact mechanism.


As for the pneumatic valve accessories and pneumatic technology in the valve parts, it is also noted that the air filter, pressure relief valve and oil mist device should be assembled together, called pneumatic triple parts, which are used to enter the pneumatic instrument to filter and decompress the gas source to the rated source pressure of the instrument, which is equivalent to the power supply in the circuit. The function of the transformer. The valve limit switch is a field instrument for detecting the switch state of the pneumatic valve in the control system, which is used to output the valve's opening or closing position with the signal of the switch quantity (contact), the remote controller accepts or the computer search for the sampling, and the next program can be held after confirmation.


The air filter pressure reducer in this pneumatic valve accessories is small and easy to install. In view of this, it is installed together with pneumatic transmitter, pneumatic regulator, valve locator and other products. If the air filter and pressure reducing valve are designed as a whole, they will become two parts. And in the process of using pneumatic valves, some auxiliary parts will be equipped to improve the performance of pneumatic valves and improve the efficiency of pneumatic valves.http://www.pump-casting.com/