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Large pump casting process

According to the structural characteristics of the pump, the performance of material casting and quality requirements to determine the pump is to protect the impeller, guide vane, impeller spindle and improve the overall performance of the important components of the pump; In the working environment by the impact of water and its corrosiveness, to withstand the larger variable load operations, which requires the pump not only has a better quality appearance, high dimensional accuracy, while the inherent quality must also ensure that also have a better comprehensive mechanical properties, especially corrosion resistance and fatigue resistance. The performance and quality of the pump in the operation of the pump has played a very critical role, and its quality is directly related to the quality of the pump manufacturing.

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In order to obtain good performance, close organization, quality which must meet the requirements of the castings, we must design a reasonable casting process. The overall casting process based on conventional sand casting, according to the structural characteristics of parts, casting size, casting alloy and other factors to determine the casting position. The erection of the riser is mainly used to prevent the casting from producing shrinkage, such as pine and other obvious casting defects. To achieve the desired effect of the replenishment, we must strictly control the solidification of metal liquid sequence; According to the modulus and fill distance, we calculate the number and size of the riser to ensure that the riser can fill the casting alloy liquid shrinkage.

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