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Main types and material selection requirements of valve accessories

May 05, 2018

In the current market, not only a variety of valve accessories, but also in the production of these different parts of the products, the material is also a variety of use. At present, when the products of the valve parts are made, the main materials are: black metal and non-ferrous metal, all kinds of non-metallic materials, and other kinds of materials. ,


It is important to note that in the manufacture of different valve accessories, the selection of the material is mainly considered according to these factors: 1, the pressure, temperature and characteristics of the working medium; 2, the force condition of the part and the function of the valve in the valve structure; 3, good working ability; 4, meet the requirements above. Under the circumstances, the requirements of lower cost should be met.


Well, do you know what products are commonly used for valve accessories? In fact, it mainly includes several different types, including actuators, such as pneumatic actuators, electric actuators, hydraulic actuators, gas and liquid actuators, electrohydraulic actuators, and manual actuators. It also includes different positioners and accessories, such as pneumatic valve positioners and electric valve positioners.


In addition, some testing equipment and other valve accessories are used, such as valve test machine, handle, hand wheel, worm wheel, valve body, valve core, valve stem, valve cover, valve muffler, signal generator, blank, mold, bolt nut, clamp, spring, diaphragm, packing, O ring, flow juice, Polytetrafluoroethylene products, gaskets, flanges, elbow, fasteners, telescopic devices, flowmeters, filters, non-standard firmware, machine tools and marking machines.


To sum up, the different parts of the valve parts we use are not only different in shape and style, but also vary according to the requirements of the use. For different valve parts, its valve body, valve cover and valve plate are the main components. Because these parts will directly bear the pressure of medium, it is necessary to comply with the relevant standards when selecting materials.http://www.pump-casting.com/