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Main uses and characteristics of pump valve casting sewage pump

To some extent, the sewage pump of the pump valve casting has been specially extracted from the wastewater with weak acid and weak alkali. The whole product's shell is made of its stainless steel dewaxing precision casting. The inner single core wire is stripped and packaged, and the cable base and core line are treated by special leakproof and waterproofing.

To a certain extent, the sewage pump of the pump valve casting can effectively prevent the water and gas from the cable line or the core line into the motor, so that the sealing effect of leakage prevention and damp proof can be fully achieved. The sewage pump is specially designed without blockage, and the conical pump shell flow path and the vortex impeller are adopted.

Characteristics of sewage pump of pump valve castings

To a certain extent, the sewage pump of the pump valve castings ensures the stability of the pipeline system of the draining and releasing water, and the "gas bolt" can be added to avoid the phenomenon of "gas bolt".

The drain pump of pump and valve casting is fully equipped with SIC silicon carbide mechanical seal, and the mechanical shaft seal part is equipped with high quality two group mechanical shaft seal. The protection level of enclosure is the dry induction motor with F class insulation (155 degrees).

To some extent, the sewage pump of pump and valve castings can be purchased and equipped with automatic coupling device. During maintenance, the chain is easily lifted, separated and jointed by the chain, and the engineers do not have to disassemble into the sink to effectively improve the convenience and safety of the work.

Main uses of pump valve casting sewage pump

1. water and wastewater treatment plants, pumping, pumping station.

2. building septic tank drainage system.

3. pig livestock husbandry and discharge of waste water from home farm.

4., community functions of schools, hospitals and organs discharge wastewater.http://www.pump-casting.com/