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Maintenance rules for pump fitting hydraulic system and lubrication system

Aug 27, 2018

The impact of the pump accessories on the overall system is obvious, and if an abnormality occurs, it will seriously affect the work of the pump truck. So how should we carry out daily maintenance and maintenance? Below we will elaborate on the hydraulic system, lubrication system, chassis and the extension of the life of the accessories.


First of all, the maintenance of the hydraulic system of the pump parts will effectively reduce the failure rate. It is understood that more than 80% of hydraulic faults in pump trucks are derived from the quality of the oil. Damage to hydraulic components is primarily due to wear: abrasive wear and adhesive wear. Therefore, it is very necessary for the daily maintenance of hydraulic oil. The quality of the oil should be checked in time, the hydraulic oil should be replaced regularly, and the same brand and the same type of hydraulic oil should be used.


Secondly, the maintenance of the pump parts lubrication system mainly refers to the timely addition of lubricating oil, so that the pump can maintain a good operating state. In addition, proper maintenance is required for the chassis. If the engine is poorly lubricated, the cylinder, the tiling, and the injector may be blocked.