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Modular structure design and high reliability of CNC finish machining

May 10, 2018

The development of high speed and high precision machine tool is an eternal goal in the process of operation. With the rapid progress of science and technology, the speed of updating, precision and the surface quality of the parts will become more and more accurate.

High reliability of CNC finishing

The reliability of CNC machine tools is the key index of CNC machine tool product quality. CNC machine tools can achieve high performance, high precision, high efficiency, and achieve good results. The key is to see its reliability.

Modular design of numerical control finishing

With the popularization and application of computer and the development of software technology, CAD can not only replace manual work, but also the large machine analysis, calculation, prediction and optimization of the working parts of the design scheme and machine.

Compound function of numerical control finishing

A variety of functions are to further improve the productivity of machine tools, which are used for minimum processing time in auxiliary time. Through the compound function, the machine tool can be expanded, the efficiency can be increased and the one machine can be used. The one machine, that is, not only can realize the rotation function, but also can realize milling. Or, it can also be realized in the main milling machine tool grinding.

CNC precision machining spindle speed and feed rate range than ordinary lathe, each process can choose the best cutting, the rigid structure of cutting, CNC lathe CNC lathe cutting quantity allowed, reduce operation time. The moving parts of CNC lathe are controlled by acceleration and deceleration, and the speed of using slow stroke is high, and the machining plant shortens positioning and non cutting time.

The machining center of NC machining is used to change the device with a knife and automatic tool. The workpiece is often only clamping one time to complete all processing operations, reducing the turnover time of semi finished products, and the production efficiency is very high. Precision parts processing quality and stability, and can reduce test time. CNC lathe lathes 2-3 times efficiency, complex parts processing, can increase productivity more than ten or even dozens of times.http://www.pump-casting.com/