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Molding process and economic performance of pump valve casting

May 14, 2018

In the process of manufacturing, the pump valve foundry has been widely used in the market because of its cost economy and the flexibility of design. It has become the main concern for the cold and hot processing of the pump valve castings to make a reasonable, economical, practical and reliable repair welding process to ensure the quality requirements of the valve castings after the repair welding.

In the process of processing, the pump valve can effectively cut the material into the required size, heating, casting and heat treatment. The product is the control part in the pipeline fluid conveying system. In the process of use, it is mainly used to change the direction of the road section and the flow of the medium.

The pump valve casting is a metal forming object obtained by various casting methods. It is mainly to smelt good liquid metal, and effectively use pouring, pressing, inhalation or other casting methods into the pre prepared mold after cooling through the following processing means, which has a certain shape, size and performance. Thing。

Pump valve casting is the most widely used metal liquid molding process. The casting of the pump valve is pouring liquid metal into the mold cavity. After the cooling and solidification, the method of obtaining a certain shape of blank or part can make the inner cavity and the complex shape of the blank.

The casting process of the pump valve is of great flexibility and wide adaptability. The size of the product is almost unlimited. In the industry, the metal material which can melt into liquid can be used for liquid forming. The cost of the pump valve casting in the process of processing is relatively low. In the process of production, the waste machine parts and chips can be directly used and the equipment cost can be used. With lower pump valve, the casting allowance is small and metal is saved.http://www.pump-casting.com/