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More design flexibility and weight change in pump valve castings

Jun 19, 2018

The main advantage of pump valve casting during production is its greater design flexibility. In general, the flexibility and variability of its metallurgical manufacturing are the strongest, so that it can effectively improve the strength and largeness of its overall structure. The weight of the range changes.

Pump valve castings for greater design flexibility

The design of the pump valve casting has the greatest freedom of choice for the shape and size of the casting, especially the complex shape and hollow portion, and the steel casting can be manufactured by the unique process of the core casting. Easy to mold and easy to change shape and can quickly produce finished products according to drawings can provide fast response and shorten delivery time.

Pump Valve Castings Metallurgical Manufacture Flexibility and Variability

Pump valve castings can choose different chemical compositions and organizational structures to meet the needs of different projects. Different heat treatment processes can select mechanical properties and can use this property over a wide range and improve weldability and workability.

Pump valve casting improves overall structural strength

Due to the high reliability of the project, coupled with weight-reducing design and shorter lead times, competitive advantage can be achieved in terms of price and economy.

Pump valve castings a wide range of weight changes

When we need high tensile strength or dynamic load components, important pressure vessel castings, and core components that carry heavy loads at low or high temperatures, in principle, we should give priority to the use of alloy steel castings.