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Mumbai International Industry Exhibition

Oct 12, 2017

India's Mumbai International Industry Exhibition is one of the global series of industrial expositions organized by the exhibition company in Germany. Since 2007 in India's emerging industrial city of Bangalore and the economic city of Mumbai City, held in turn, has been held for eight consecutive years, and this year will be held in Mumbai. The exhibition attracts many of the world's leading technology and business areas of the well-known enterprises, is a very important international event in South Asia. The net exhibition area of the Ninth Exhibition in 2015 is more than 12,000 square meters. There are 350 exhibitors from 21 countries and regions including China, Germany, Italy, Korea, India and China Taiwan. 

India is one of the "BRIC countries" and one member of the G20 countries, with about 1.2 billion people. In recent years, India has a rapid economic growth in the current round of economic crisis, as the recovery of the global economy, one of the emerging power. Sino-Indian bilateral trade volume in 2011 is more than 74 billion US dollars. During the British colonial rule, the Indian industry was dominated by textiles and mining. After independence, steel, machinery, electricity, chemical and other industries have developed, and industry has formed a complete system. India has made remarkable achievements since the reform of the 1990s, and China has become an important engine of economic development in Asia and the world.

If there is a chance, we really look forward to communicating with you about our company product in next year's exhibition. Wuxi Lingtong Casting Co., Ltd., established in 2003, is a middle size foundry in Wuxi, China. Our products are exported to Japan, Holland, Australia and America, the quality of our castings are widely appreciated in China and abroad market. We believe that we will be your best choice. We sincerely look forward to your contact and further collaboration.

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