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Pay attention to the average life of pump accessories, adjust and prevent some situations

May 21, 2018

Is now the pump parts of assembly quality is good or bad will directly affect the pump fittings and pump equipment whether can run normally, also will affect the service life of pump parts and related performance parameters; The vibration and noise of the unit are affected, so the pump accessories need to be paid attention to when assembling, and should pay special attention to its service life.

Then the average life expectancy of pump accessories, this is for us to judge the quality of the parts prepared at the same time, it is for the quality of the equipment after the adjustment, and undertake practical application, also can make relevant adjustment according to its using life.

Faced by peristaltic pump in the pump parts condition is relatively poor, so the actual for production, to pay attention to should choose good canal on intrinsic quality, especially the resilience can better pipe will have longer service life. In the long run, the longer the service life, the lower the operating cost of the equipment. The fewer times the pump pipe is replaced, the less maintenance costs and downtime will be. Moreover, there is less possibility of leakage and blowout of pump parts.

In conclusion, if the service life of pump accessories is longer, the total cost of pumping will be lower. The pump tube manufacturer should be careful to provide the test data to prove its claimed concrete pump life. There are a lot of manufacturers in their manuals to release relevant information, we should pay attention to the information for production and purchase when making purchase or production.

Anyway, engineers in the design of a pump parts system, must want to know about the average life span for the pipe, it can help the end user make preventive maintenance plan, so that the pump fittings and pump pipe failure before they can replace it. As mentioned above, suppliers of pump parts with rich technical knowledge can provide useful information to users for specific applications, so as to select suitable pump accessories and materials.http://www.pump-casting.com/