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Peristaltic pump fittings are affected by dimensions and tolerance factors

Peristaltic pump accessories are influenced by size factors, when the pump parts size is too small, the roller pump head which can't bear a pump at this time also that will cause the pump flow is completely ineffective or insufficient. But if the size of the pump parts is too large, the excess pump will also produce wrinkles between rollers and pump shells, or between rollers and bite beds, resulting in excessive wear and premature failure.


It is also because of this, we should pay attention to it is also at this time, users in the selection when the peristaltic pump the pump parts size, should comply with the manufacturer's recommendations on this aspect in terms of words, in fact is to ensure that the system functions well. Some applications in requestquite high accuracy (such as chemical dosing pump), tubing size effect also will become more prominent.


When the size of the peristaltic pump parts is slightly deviate, the flow or the deviation of its distribution is too large and unqualified. Even if some manufacturers offer "proximity" to the size and recommended size of the pump parts, "looks the same", but often there is a gap. So in order to make the pump system achieve the best performance and working accuracy, the user should adopt the size of the peristaltic pump parts that are exactly the same as the manufacturer's recommended size.


After that, the peristaltic pump parts will be affected by tolerance, and the tolerance refers to the allowable error of the size of the pump. When the tolerances are smaller, the smaller the performance deviation of the pump fittings will be, the better the consistency and repeatability will appear.


Of course, when it is used in practice, we should also notice that when the tolerance is bigger, the performance of peristaltic pump accessories will be more unstable. Some peristaltic pump fittings have minimal manufacturing tolerances, and their size deviations will be strictly controlled when they are extruded. Although the smaller peristaltic pump accessories are slightly more expensive, the cost of the pump is worth more than the increase in the pump performance.http://www.pump-casting.com/