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Pneumatic valve accessories include which types

Jun 26, 2018

During the use of pneumatic valves, it is often necessary to use with some corresponding pneumatic valve accessories, which will help to improve the performance of pneumatic valves, or to increase the efficiency of pneumatic valves. Common pneumatic valve accessories include: air filters, reversing solenoid valves, limit switches, and electrical positioners.


For now, there are several different types of pneumatic valve accessories. The main function of the double-acting pneumatic actuator is two-position control of opening and closing of the valve. The spring-return type actuator is used to open or close the valve automatically when the air circuit is cut off or fails. A single solenoid valve, on the other hand, opens or closes the valve when power is supplied, and closes or opens the valve when the power is turned off.


In addition, the starting valve fittings also include dual electronically controlled solenoid valves, which have a memory function, in which the valve is opened when one coil is energized and the valve is closed when the other coil is energized. The limit switch receiver can be used to remotely transmit the signal at the switch position of the valve. It also contains manual operating mechanisms, mainly automatic control can be manually operated under abnormal conditions.http://www.pump-casting.com/