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Precautions for water pump accessories in use.

Jan 18, 2018

Pump accessories  after use must pay attention to maintenance, such as pumps after use then we must  cleanup all the water inside of the water pump, it is best to unload the pipes to wash with water.When the water pump is in use, even the tape on the water pump parts should be unloaded, and the water should be dried in the light after washing.The tape should not be placed in a dark and humid place.

The adhesive tape of the pump accessories must not be stained with oil, and it can not be coated with sticky things.If there is a strong vibration when the water pump is in use, be sure to stop and check what is causing it, or it will damage the water pump.

It is not advisable for some people to fill the inlet pipe of the water pump with water when the water leakage occurs in the bottom valve of the water pump accessories.Put the dry soil into the inlet pipe. When the water pump starts to work, the dry soil will enter into the pump equipment, which will damage the pump impeller and bearing and shorten the service life of the water pump.

When the bottom valve of the water pump accessories has leakage phenomenon, we should take it to repair, if be more serious, we need to undertake to replace new.Carefully check the impeller of water pump accessories above whether there are cracks, loose impeller is fixed on the bearing will appear, in other word,we should pay attention to timely maintenance and repair.

If there is any small fault in the water pump accessories, do not allow this accessory to work.If the bearing on the water pump accessories is worn out, be sure to add it in time,otherwise If you continue to use the water pump, you will have a leak.In this way, it will affect the energy dissipation of the motor, and finally, the phenomenon of the impeller will be damaged.Therefore, the wear on the water pump accessories should be handled in a timely manner.http://www.pump-casting.com/