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Precautions when assembling and selecting pump parts

Assembly of pump accessories:

When assembling the pump assembly, it is necessary to pay attention to the concentricity of the fixed parts after the combination of parts to ensure the precision and quality of the parts. At this time, the processing precision and surface roughness of the relevant parts in the pump parts should be guaranteed. No touch or scratches are allowed. The molybdenum disulfide used as sealant should be clean. The fastening screws and bolts should be evenly loaded.


For the assembly of the pump fittings, it should be noted that the centering of the inlet flow channels of the impeller outlet and the guide vanes is ensured by the axial dimension of the parts. The neutrality of the flow path directly affects the performance of the pump, so the size of the pump cannot be arbitrarily adjusted. After the equipment is assembled, before the packing is installed, it is necessary to pay attention to turning the pump rotor by hand. Check whether the rotation of the pump rotor in the housing is flexible and whether the axial turbulence meets the specified requirements.


The installation of the pump fittings is done after the above check meets the requirements. Fill the shaft seals at both ends of the pump and note the relative position of the packing rings in the packing room. Of course here we also need to briefly talk about the disassembly of the pump accessories. The disassembly should be performed in the reverse order of the assembly. When disassembling, the manufacturing accuracy of the parts should be strictly protected from damage; when disassembling the wear rods, they should be first The middle section is cushioned to prevent the middle section from loosening and then sinking and bending the shaft.


Cautions when selecting pump components:


When selecting the pump components, pay attention to the oil pollution requirements of the equipment. If equipment is strictly required to be oil-free, various oil-free pumps should be selected, such as water ring pumps, molecular sieve adsorption pumps, sputter ion pumps, and cryogenic pumps. If the requirements are not strict, you can choose an oil pump, plus some anti-oil pollution measures, such as adding cold traps, baffles, oil traps, etc., can also achieve clean vacuum requirements.


After that, with regard to the selection of pump accessories, the effect of the oil vapor discharged from the vacuum pump fitting on the environment is concerned. If the environment is not allowed to be contaminated, an oil-free vacuum pump and related pump accessories can be selected, or the oil vapor can be exhausted outdoors; in addition, when selecting a pump component, consideration must be given to its price, operation, and maintenance costs. .http://www.pump-casting.com/