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Precision and cost requirements for Pump sand casting

Oct 31, 2018

In the process of making the Pump sand casting, the group core molding method is generally used. Under normal circumstances, the production conditions (including equipment, site, staff quality, etc.), production habits, and accumulated experience of different enterprises are different. Consideration should be given to what products are suitable and what are not suitable (or not) for what to do based on these conditions.

Precision requirements and costs for Pump sand casting

The castings obtained by various casting methods of Pump sand casting have different precisions. The initial investment and productivity are also inconsistent, and the final economic benefits will be different. Therefore, if you want to be more, faster, better, and more, you should take care of both. To all aspects. A preliminary cost estimate should be made for the chosen casting method to determine the casting method that is economically efficient and that guarantees the casting requirements.

Pump sand casting need to develop their simulation technology, which can effectively improve the accuracy of their predictions, strengthen the control of the process, and improve the yield to a certain extent. Production, study and research. In addition to the enhancement of innovation consciousness and the improvement of research and development capabilities, the independent innovation of enterprises also needs to attach importance to and strengthen the combination of “production, learning and research” with precision casting enterprises as the main body.http://www.pump-casting.com/