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Precision finishing, high efficiency and automation advantages

Dec 23, 2017

Precision machining in the operation of mechanical processing in the finishing, which is processed if the workpiece is in the state of temperature, finishing in the use can be divided into cold and thermal processing. Usually at room temperature processing does not cause the workpiece chemical or phase change, said cold processing, generally higher or lower than the state of the state of processing, will cause the workpiece chemical or physical phase change, said the thermal processing.

Finishing cold processing in accordance with the differences in the way they can be effectively divided into the pressure processing and cutting, thermal processing are common heat treatment, forging, casting and welding, precision finishing EDM has been fully improved, the size of the processing Requirements up to ± 2-3μm, the best processing surface roughness can be lower than Ra0.3μm. Through the use of a series of advanced precision machining technology and process methods, it can achieve the mirror processing effect and can successfully finish the EDM of high-precision mold parts such as miniature connectors, IC plastic seals, cell phones and CD boxes.

Modern finishing requirements for CNC EDM technology provides the best processing mode, when used, requires the premise of ensuring its processing accuracy to significantly improve its rough, finishing efficiency, which not only shortens the processing time and Eliminate the hassle of post-processing, while improving the quality of the mold, the use of powder processing equipment to meet the requirements. This requires enhanced machine tool automatic programming function, configuration electrode and workpiece positioning fixture, device. If the rough in the large workpiece selection of graphite electrode material is also a good way to improve processing efficiency.

Finishing automation requirements, in the future implementation of automation technology in the process, will pay more attention to the role of people in the automation system, while automation began for small and medium enterprises, in the production is mainly based on economic and practical as a starting point, you can Effectively meet the evolving product diversification and individual needs. In the process of finishing, its automatic operation does not need its manual intervention, and can effectively improve its processing precision and efficiency.http://www.pump-casting.com