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Protective measures for pump valve fittings stainless steel stem vibration

Dec 13, 2018

Pump valve fittings Stainless steel stems often cause severe corrosion damage due to corrosive media in practical applications. Depending on the corrosion situation, the main problem is the filler. Corrosion of the stem is unavoidable during valve use. Therefore, only preventive measures can be taken. Then, what kind of protective measures should be taken for the pump valve fitting stainless steel ball stem?


First, do not add filler to the valve during the storage of the pump valve fitting stainless steel stem. This is mainly to prevent the electrochemical reaction from occurring, so as to remain free from corrosion for a long time. The second is to surface treatment of the ball stem to improve corrosion resistance. At the same time, asbestos impurities should be reduced, and the chlorine content in asbestos should be reduced by the distilled water washing method to reduce corrosion.


In addition, a certain amount of corrosion inhibitor can be added to the asbestos packing of the stainless steel valve stem of the pump valve fitting to suppress the corrosiveness of the chloride ion. In addition, it is protected by Teflon to reduce the corrosiveness of the packing. Finally, it is necessary to improve the processing finish of the stainless steel valve stem of the pump valve fitting and reduce the electrochemical corrosion. This can reduce the vibration frequency of it.http://pump-casting.com/