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Pump accessories common troubleshooting tips

Mar 27, 2018

Speaking of common troubleshooting techniques for pump accessories, it is actually important to pay attention to mastering troubleshooting tips for pump accessories. In this regard, it is necessary to know the working principle of the pump accessories, the structure of the pump, and Knowledge of the necessary operating skills and mechanical maintenance, after having this knowledge, can quickly determine the fault according to abnormal pump accessories.


For troubleshooting and handling of pump parts, first of all, after the pump parts are jammed, the processing method is to pay attention to the hand-operated couplings for inspection. When necessary, it is to perform disassembly. The inspection will eliminate some static and static faults; when the pump equipment does not drain, the irrigation pump will be insufficient (or the gas in the pump will not be discharged). At this time, it will be sufficient to refill the pump.


Afterwards, for the elimination of pump parts faults and handling skills, when there is wrong direction of the pump, check the direction of rotation, if the pump speed is relatively low, this time is to pay attention to check the speed, increase the speed; When the filter screen is blocked, the bottom valve is not working. This should also check the filter screen to eliminate debris.


When the height of pump accessory equipment is relatively high, or when a vacuum phenomenon occurs in the suction tank, attention should be paid to reducing the suction height and checking the pressure of the suction tank; when the pump is discharged, there is an interruption, which is actually also Because of this leak in the suction line, it is necessary to check the place where the suction pipe is connected and the seal of the stuffing box.


Pump accessories equipment should pay attention to the suction side of the pump when the gas is not drained, this time it should go to re-fill the pump; when the pump accessory equipment suddenly blocked by foreign matter in the suction side, you should stop the pump to deal with foreign bodies Afterwards, the equipment can be made to operate normally. If the pump parts equipment is inhaling a lot of gas, it should be checked whether the suction inlet is vortexed and the depth of submergence is not too shallow.http://www.pump-casting.com/